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Classes 2 includes children in Years 3 and 4. The Teachers in Class 2 is Mrs Cookson and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Going and Miss Wood. 




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Tending To Our Garden - posted 2nd Oct

Class 2 have been clearing the raised beds in preparation for next years planting. They also used canes to tie up the plants that were still alive and growing and removed the  seeds from the broad beans to plant next year. The healthy sunflower blooms were picked for display in the classroom and, where the sunflowers had died, the children picked out the seeds so they can be planted next year.

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Visit to the Sealife Centre - posted 21st May

On Monday, as part of their Seas and Oceans topic, the children in Class 2 visited the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. They saw many of the sea creatures they have been studying including sharks, jelly fish and sea horses. They also looked at their habitats and watched some of the fish being fed.

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Weeding, Planting & Growing - posted 8th May

The children in Class 2, along with the children in CLass 1, have started  tending the vegetable beds, They have weeded the beds and have been planting vegetable plants that they have grown from seed. They are growing kale, potatoes, runner beans, cabbage, tomatoes and Brussel sprouts. Now they just need to make sure that they are watered regularly as the weather gets warmer.

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Waste & Recycling - posted 8th May

On 8th May 2018 Class 2 received a visit from Daventry District Council. They participated in a workshop looking at waste and recycling and the resulting pollution of the seas, particularly with plastics, if people do not recycle.

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Oceans & Seas - posted 25th Apr

Class 2's topic for the Summer term is Oceans and Seas. They will be learning about the sealife that inhabits the oceans and seas as well as it's pollution and conservation. The children will be visiting the Sealife Centre in Birmingham and a local garden centre to look at tropical fish. Also, they will be visited by someone from Daventry District Council who will talk to the children about plastics, how they pollute the seas and how plastic can be recycled. A driver will also visit to share their experiences of sealife and the pollution of seas. Today the children used the Chrome Books to research the creatures that inhabit the seas and then created large factual posters.

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Visit to the National Justice Museum - posted 28th Feb

On Monday the children in Class 2 visited the National Justice Museum in Nottingham, They visited the cells and met the prison reformer Elizabeth Fry. They also enjoyed taking part in a CSI type investigation into a Victorian crime and participated in a court case involving two children accused of stealing. As well as having a great time the children learnt a lot about their topic, Crime and Punishment, and the Rule of Law a British Value.

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Fantastic Fruit - posted 10th Oct

On 10th October the children in Class 2 received a visit from "Blue Skies Fruit". They brought lots of fruit for the children to taste including pomegranate, mango, pineapple, orange, coconut and different types of melon. The children learnt about the difference between fruit and vegetables, all of the places across the world that the UK imports fruit from, and the importance of maintaining the bee population. 

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