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Welcome to Class One!

Class 1 includes children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. In Class 1 there are two Teachers; Mrs Tanser and Mrs Eyton-Jones and  two Teaching Assistants; Mrs Johnson and Mrs Tyrrell.

We are very fortunate to have three areas within the class – a fantastic outdoor area and two spacious, well-resourced classrooms, which enable us to provide a rich learning environment.

In our new outdoor area we have a mud kitchen, large sandpit, investigation area with bark and mini-beasts, gardening space and water play. We always provide ample opportunity outside for children to develop their literacy, physical and mathematical skills. 

The Teachers in Class 1 produce a newsletter termly and copies of these are available on the News Page. 

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Celebrating Divali - posted 7th Nov

Today the children in Class 1 have been learning about and celebrating the Hindu Festival, Divali. They have been making Happy Divali cards, Divali masks and Diva Lamps. The light from the lamps, according to legend, is to invite the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, into homes, as well as to welcome the exiles Rama and Sita back home. All of these activities were accompanies by Indian Classical Raga background music. The children have had a wonderful afternoon. 

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Trip to Holdenby Education Centre - posted 1st Nov

On 2nd October 2018 the children in Class 1 went to Holdenby Education Centre as part of 'The Big Build' topic. They investigated animal homes and habitats by exploring the Habitat Trial. The children then went into the woods and studied a vole that had been captured the night before, and also built homes for different creatures including squirrels and hedgehogs paying attention to the different types of materials used. Everyone then took part in an experiment to explores ways of keeping warm using a jar of warm water and materials that could be found in the woods. 

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Planting Bulbs - Reception - posted 9th Oct

Today the children in Reception have been clearing out the planters and planting daffodil bulbs in their outside play area. They have learnt about how the roots grow in the soil and what you need to do to help them grow. 

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Potting Sunflower Seeds - posted 26th Jun

The weather has been beautiful today and the children have been enjoying some time in the garden. They have been potting Sunflower Seeds which they can take home to grow. They are hoping that they grow as tall as the Sunflowers that are already in their garden. 

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Forest School - Year 1 - posted 25th Jun

This term the children in Year 1 are going to Forest School. They have been making shelters, finding bugs and insects and tree climbing. The children have really enjoyed getting their hands dirty exploring the outdoors and participating in activities that they have not tried before. 

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Trees and Leaves - posted 20th Jun

The topic in Class 1 this term is 'The Garden Centre'. They will be looking  at the parts, life-cycle and habitat of different trees and plants. Today the children in Reception went outside to study the trees and identify them by their leaves. . 

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Making Pizza - posted 14th Jun

On 14th June 2018 the children in Class 1 had a fantastic time making pizzas. They learnt about all the foods they used to make their pizza, and how to cook them. 

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Class 1's Royal Wedding Celebrations - posted 22nd May

On Friday 18th May 2018 the children in Class 1 celebrated the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. All the children came to school in their best clothes and they had their own wedding with their very own Harry and Megan! After the wedding they had a dance followed by a picnic on the playing field. It was a fantastic day and to top it all the weather was lovely.

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Weeding & Planting - posted 8th May

The children in Class 1 have now started work on the vegetable beds. They have done some weeding and have planted kale, potatoes, runner beans and cabbage. There are more vegetables to plant including carrots and courgettes. Hopefully, we will have a bumper crop again this year.

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