Sporting Events

Throughout the school year the children from The Bramptons take part in lot of sporting events against other small school in the County.

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Year 5 & 6 Sports Hall Athletics - posted 10th Jan

On 9th January 2019  nineteen children from Years 5 & 6 went to Moulton School to participate in some Track and Field Athletics Events. These included running races, fun relay races, long jump, triple jump, vertical jumps, speed bounce challenge, chest pushes, and a standing throw of the foam javelin. Everyone tried their hardest and enjoyed working as part of a team. They were a credit to the school and we are really proud of them all.

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Curling Skills - KS1 - posted 23rd Nov

Today the children in Class 1 (KS1) were taught Curling skills by David from the Northamptonshire Sports Partnership. They practised scoring points by hitting targets of differing colours. They then took part in a competition between the houses and the Pumas were triumphant! Two children from Class 2 also helped out by keeping score. Everyone that participated had great time as well as learning a new skill. 

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Year 3/4 Squash - posted 23rd Nov

On 23rd November 2018 some children from Class 2, along with children from other schools, went to Daventry Squash Club to learn some squash skills. The children had the opportunity to learn about a sport they are not familiar with and had great fun while doing so. They all tried their hardest, persevered and were a credit to the school. 

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SKIP2BFIT - posted 21st Nov

Today the children took part in a SKIP2BFIT workshop and took on the two minute SKIP2BFIT challenge. They skipped for 2 minutes and the skipping ropes counted the number of skips. They then did another two minutes to see if they could beat their previous score. The children from each year that did the most skips received a certificate. A certificate was also awarded to the child who The classroom Staff also took part and Miss King was the champion with 275 skips. Parents are also welcome to join in the challenge.

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Year 1/2 Dodgeball Tournament - posted 16th Nov

Today the children in Year 2 took part in a Pacesetters Dodegeball Tournament at Benham Sports Arena. They made a fantastic effort and finished in third place. Mrs Tanser is really proud of them and how well they represented the school.

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Year 5 & 6 Football - posted 19th Oct

Today two teams of children from Years 5 & 6 took part in a Pacesetters Football tournament at Benham Sports Arena. They worked well as a team, showed real determination and perseverance and were a credit to the school. Mrs Tanser was very proud of them all.

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Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Tournament - posted 12th Oct

On 10th October some of the children in years 5 and 6 took part in a Tag Rugby Tournament at Daventry Rugby Club. They showed real determination and perseverance and they were a real credit to the school. Well done to all those that took part.

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Football - Years 3 and 4 - posted 2nd Oct

On 26th September 2018 some children in Years 3 and 4 participated in a football tournament at Moulton School and they all played extremely well. The school is really proud of how well they participated and represented The Bramptons. 

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Dodgeball Finals - posted 6th Jul

On 5th July children in Class 3 attended the Pacesetters Dodgeball Finals in Kettering. They played really well and came back with a fantastic trophy for winning.. Well done to all of the children who took part, we are proud of you!

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